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    Orthotic-friendly Shoes

    You have orthotics, the tricky part is finding shoes that fit them, right? Wrong. Our shoes are crafted with your orthotics in mind, and designed to be crazy comfy, too.


    All Bared shoes are built with extra depth to accommodate either our unique biomechanical footbed or your orthotic.

    Look out for any style with an orange footbed, it can be removed and replaced with your orthotic - they come with forefoot padding to help you customise your fit, too!

    If you're ordering online, let us know your foot shape and orthotic length in the fitting notes section and we'll send forefoot pads along with your shoes to find your perfect fit.


    Remove the original footbed, and replace it with your half or three-quarter orthotic. By doing this, you will be removing the cushioning in the forefoot and may find your shoes quite spacious. Add the provided forefoot padding to make up this extra space for a snugger fit.


    Remove the original footbed, and replace it with your full-length orthotic. Depending on the width of your foot, you may or may not require additional padding to ensure a secure fit.

    the fit kit

    Fancy Fitting Options

    Whether you would describe your feet as perfectly normal or super wide or skinny we should be able to get the right fit for your foot. If you have orthotics, remove our footbed and replace it with your orthotic. If it feels too large, try placing a forefoot pad in the front of the shoe, then placing your orthotic on top.

    Tips for choosing shoes to fit your Orthotic:

    Like your feet, certain styles will work better for your orthotic depending on its width and height. To secure you in the shoe, we recommend choosing a style with laces, a buckle or strap.

    To make things easier, when shopping online filter by 'Orthotic Friendly’ to find your perfect pair.

    Alternatively, chat with us live! We’re readily available seven days a week, during business hours to discuss styles, fitting options, and your foot type.

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    Talk to our experts

    We'll never leave you in shoes you don't love!

    Our Customer Service team is available seven days a week, during business hours, to chat all things footwear. If you're unsure about sizing, tossing up between styles, or want to learn more about The Fit Kit, book a virtual fitting, call, or chat with us live.

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