Torrent Compact

The Torrent Compact is built to air cool your compact build as efficiently as possible through an open front grille and two of our 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM fans (Prisma for RGB version), making it a perfect fit for air cooling aficionados looking for a compact case.

  • • Open grille and 180 mm front fans optimized for maximum air intake
  • • Fractal Design Dynamic PWM / Prisma ARGB PWM 180 x 38 mm fans leverage power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity
  • • Expansive base intakes and extra-large bottom fan support offers exceptional GPU cooling potential (with bottom PCI slot free)



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Streamlined airflow

Streamlined inside and out

  • The open interior and top mounted PSU provides plenty of breathing room for components and maximizes performance potential

  • Space optimized, yet still capable of handling E-ATX motherboards up to 274 mm wide

  • Comes with two Prisma ARGB PWM fans (RGB version) or Dynamic X2 PWM fans

Next level GPU cooling

Layout with unobstructed base intake offers exceptional GPU cooling potential

Our biggest fan

  • Our Fractal Design 180 x 38 mm fans leverage power, size and thickness for massive air-moving capacity

  • Front fan brackets allow for unblocked airflow to the larger fans while catering to standard radiator sizes

  • Dust filters for front and bottom easily accessible by removing the front

Quick start, clean finish

  • Removable top bezel and routing clips with cable ties make for easy installation and cable management

  • A sturdy, vibration-damped drive tray supporting a single HDD or dual SSDs with two optional mounting positions

  • Three dedicated SSD brackets included

Included GPU support bracket

Helps your GPU stay level (user assembled, instructions included)

Transparently easy

  • Seamless tempered glass panels with bolt-free top-latching mechanisms for easy handling

  • LED lights (TG versions) and RGB fans (RGB version) are fully controllable through motherboards supporting addressable RGB (5V)

  • Top mounted aerodynamic PSU shroud with integrated ARGB effects (ARGB strip only available on TG and RGB versions)

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"Cooling is once again a headline feature and Compact excels in it."
"If you’re looking for a great-looking and great performing case, the Fractal Torrent Compact is where it is at!"
" For those who wanted a smaller version of the Torrent with its high airflow design this could be the perfect case for you."
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"Avec ce Fractal Torrent Compact, on retrouve toutes les qualités du Torrent premier du nom à savoir un boitier extrêmement qualitatif, avec un châssis efficace et une ventilation qui permettra un excellent refroidissement des composants."
"Fractal bichonne ses Torrent et par la même ses utilisateurs."
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""Nous restons sur une note ultra positive avec cette série Torrent qui ne vous décevra pas.""
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"The new Fractal Torrent Compact gets a lot of important things right."
"A welcome addition to the range, Fractal’s latest offers the best bits of Torrent in a smaller yet equally satisfying form factor."
"La Fractal Torrent Compact es una caja premium con carácter propio y una estética distintiva que ofrece un airflow brutal y compatibilidad con hardware de alto rendimiento ofreciendo soluciones de refrigeración aptas para cualquier configuración"

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How to videos

Full Disassemble

Filter Removal

GPU Bracket

PSU Cable

Fan Bracket


  • 3.5"/2.5" drive mounts
    1 (included)
  • Dedicated 2.5" drive mounts
    3 (included)
  • Expansion slots
  • Front interface
    1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, Audio
  • Total fan mounts
    2x 180 mm, 4x 140 mm, or 6x 120 mm (with included brackets)
  • Front fan
    2x 180, 2x 140 mm, or 3x 120 mm (with included brackets) (2x Dynamic GP-18 included in standard versions, 2x Prisma AL-18 included in RGB version)
  • Dust filters
    Front, Bottom
  • Fixed cable straps
  • Cable routing grommets
  • Tool-less push-to-lock
    Side panels
  • Captive thumbscrews
    HDD and SSD brackets
  • Left side panel
    Steel or Tempered glass (RGB version: Tempered glass only)
  • Right side panel
    Steel or Tempered glass (Solid/White RGB: Steel, TG/Black RGB: Tempered Glass)


  • Motherboard compatibility
    E-ATX (up to 274 mm) / ATX / mATX / Mini-ITX / SSI-CEB
  • Power supply type
  • PSU max length
    210 mm
  • GPU max length
    330 mm with front fan mounted
  • CPU cooler max height
    174 mm
  • Rear fan
    1x 120 mm (not included)
  • Bottom fan
    2x 180 mm (with mATX motherboard), 2x 140 mm, or 3x 120 mm
  • Front radiator
    Up to 360x120/280x140 mm (360 mm front radiators (push / push-pull) supported up to a max length of 403 mm)
  • Rear radiator
    120x120 mm
  • Bottom radiator
    Up to 240x120/280x140 mm
  • Cable routing space
    20 mm


  • Case dimensions (LxWxH)
    450 x 222 x 467 mm
  • Net weight
    BK TGD/TGL: 8.0 kg, WT TGC: 7.7 kg, BK Solid: 7.4 kg
  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)
    535 x 306 x 574 mm
  • Gross weight
    BK TGD/TGL: 9.7 kg, WT TGC: 9.5 kg, BK Solid: 9.2 kg


  • Package contents (non RGB versions)
    Torrent Compact, 2x Dynamic GP-18 fans, Accessory box, User manual, GPU support bracket
  • Package contents (RGB version)
    Torrent Compact, 2x Prisma AL-18 fans, Accessory box, User manual, GPU support bracket
  • EAN
    Black RGB TG Light Tint: 7340172702900, Black TG Dark Tint: 7340172702894, White TG Clear Tint: 7340172702917, Black Solid: 7340172702924, White RGB Clear Tint: 7340172705253
  • UPC
    Black RGB TG Light Tint: 843276102906, Black TG Dark Tint: 843276102890, White TG Clear Tint: 843276102913, Black Solid: 843276102920, White RGB Clear Tint: 843276105259
  • JAN
    Black RGB TG Light Tint: 4537694282925, Black TG Dark Tint: 4537694282918, White TG Clear Tint: 4537694282932, Black Solid: 4537694282949, White RGB Clear Tint: 4537694311724
  • Product code
    Black RGB TG Light Tint: FD-C-TOR1C-02, Black TG Dark Tint: FD-C-TOR1C-01, White TG Clear Tint: FD-C-TOR1C-03, Black Solid: FD-C-TOR1C-04, White RGB Clear Tint: FD-C-TOR1C-05