Built to maximize cooling potential straight out of the box, the Torrent comes with a brand-new component layout and two custom-made 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM or Prisma RGB PWM fans. The Torrent is a perfect fit for anyone serious about high-end cooling – with or without a custom water loop.

  • • Open grille and unblocked internal layout
  • • Comes with two 180 x 38 mm PWM or RGB PWM fans and three 140 mm fans
  • • Front fan brackets cater to standard radiator and fan sizes



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All airflow, no compromise.

Top-tier airflow

  • Designed for exceptional performance at controlled sound levels with included fan hub

  • The 38 mm thick 180 mm fans leverage power, size, and thickness for massive air-moving capacity

  • Streamlined through and through for component breathing room and superlative airflow

Let your system breathe

  • Open layout with expansive base intakes and extra-large bottom fan support offers exceptional GPU cooling

  • Optional front and bottom nylon filters included, allowing the user to prioritize between dust filtering or even higher airflow

  • Streamlined open interior provides plenty of breathing room for components and maximizes performance potential for both air and water cooling

Next level GPU cooling

Expansive base intakes and extra-large bottom fan support

Streamlined inside and out

  • Front fan brackets allow for unblocked airflow to the larger fans while catering to standard radiator and fan sizes

  • Both front and bottom panel can support extra-thick radiators and push-pull fan configurations up to 420 mm

  • Seven bridgeless expansion slots allow for extensive customization

Quick start, clean finish

  • Comes with external cable straps for tidying up behind your computer

  • New, pre-installed Nexus 9P Slim PWM fan hub

  • Removable top bezel and cable guides with cable straps make for easy installation and cable management

  • Two sturdy steel drive trays with vibration-damping rubber grommets for smooth, quiet and reliable operation

  • Four dedicated SSD brackets included

Included GPU support bracket

Helps your GPU stay level (user assembled, instructions included)

Transparently easy

  • Seamless tempered glass panels (on TG models) with bolt-free top-latching mechanisms for easy handling

  • Top mounted aerodynamic PSU shroud with integrated ARGB effects (TG versions only)

  • Integrated support for a water-cooling reservoir on the motherboard tray

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Winner of European Hardware Awards for the best ATX case 2022
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Winner of Tom’s Hardware Innovation Awards 2022: Game Changers
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"By delivering low noise levels, tonnes of airflow and some of the best thermals that we have ever seen, Fractal's Torrent is easily the best case that we have looked at this year."
"All-core temp remained steady at 60°C and the accompanying Sapphire Radeon RX 580 graphics card reached 71°C when gaming. Excellent numbers on both fronts, and despite the absence of sound-proofing, noise levels remained comfortable as a result of large fans that don't need to spin quite so fast."
"...the Fractal Design Torrent is a massive, spacious and capable case which keeps things both cool and quiet under load"
"...if you are looking for a high airflow case I think this case should be towards the top of your list. "
ThinkComputers Read the full review
"High Airflow with Great Style"
"I think they’ve completely outdone themselves this time and that the Fractal Design Torrent is basically one of the best cases ever made.”
"Personally, for its exceptional thermal performance and eye-catching aesthetics (not to mention solid build quality), I can easily recommend the Torrent to anyone looking for a high-airflow case in this price range."
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"Chassit är välbyggt, lättarbetat och erbjuder gott om utrymme för expansion samtidigt som de många medföljande fläktarna borgar för ett välventilerat system."

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  • Dedicated 3.5" drive mounts
    2 (included)
  • Dedicated 2.5" drive mounts
    4 (included)
  • Expansion slots
  • Front interface
    1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0, HD Audio
  • Total fan mounts
    7x 120/140 mm or 4x 180 mm
  • Front fan
    3x 120/140 mm or 2x 180 mm (2x Dynamic GP-18 included in standard version, 2x Prisma AL-18 included in RGB version)
  • Rear fan
    1x 120/140 mm
  • Bottom fan
    3x 120/140 mm or 2x 180 mm (3x Dynamic GP-14 PWM included in standard version, 3x Prisma AL-14 PWM included in RGB version)
  • Dust filters
    Front, Bottom
  • Fixed cable straps
  • Cable routing grommets
  • Tool-less push-to-lock
    Both side panels
  • Captive thumbscrews
    HDD brackets, SSD brackets, Top panel, Bottom fan bracket
  • Left side panel
    Steel or Tempered glass (RGB version: Tempered glass only)
  • Right side panel
    Steel or Tempered glass (Solid/White RGB: Steel, TG/Black RGB: Tempered Glass)


  • Motherboard compatibility
  • Power supply type
  • PSU max length
    230 mm
  • GPU max length
    461 mm total, 423 mm with front fan mounted
  • CPU cooler max height
    188 mm
  • Front radiator
    Up to 360/420 mm, including 360x180 mm
  • Rear radiator
    Up to 120/140 mm
  • Bottom radiator
    Up to 360/420 mm (458 mm max length)
  • Cable routing space
    32 mm


  • Case dimensions (LxWxH)
    544 x 242 x 530 mm
  • Case dimensions w/o feet/protrusions/screws
    525 x 242 x 495 mm
  • Net weight
    11.1 kg except for Solid (10.4 kg) and White TG (10.8 kg)
  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)
    640 x 343 x 674 mm
  • Gross weight
    13.7 kg except for Solid (13 kg) and White TG (13.4 kg)


  • Package contents (non RGB versions)
    Torrent case, 2x Dynamic X2 GP-18, 3x Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM, 1x GPU support bracket, Accessory box, User manual, Front fan brackets for 120/140mm fans
  • Package contents (RGB version)
    Torrent case, 2x Prisma AL-18 PWM, 3x Prisma AL-14 PWM, 1x GPU support bracket, Accessory box, User manual, Front fan brackets for 120/140mm fans
  • EAN
    Black TG Light: 7340172702283, Gray TG Light: 7340172702290, White TG Clear: 7340172702306, Black RGB: 7340172702313, Black Solid: 7340172702603, Black TG Dark: 7340172702672, White RGB TG Clear: 7340172705239
  • UPC
    Black TG Light: 843276102289, Gray TG Light: 843276102296, White TG Clear: 843276102302, Black RGB: 843276102319, Black Solid: 843276102609, Black TG Dark: 843276102678, White RGB TG Clear: 843276105235
  • JAN
    Black TG Light: 4537694276696, Gray TG Light: 4537694276702, White TG Clear: 4537694276719, Black RGB: 4537694276726, Black Solid: 4537694278751, Black TG Dark: 4537694280020, White RGB Clear Tint: 4537694311700
  • Product code
    Black TG Light: FD-C-TOR1A-01, Gray TG Light: FD-C-TOR1A-02, White TG Clear: FD-C-TOR1A-03, Black RGB: FD-C-TOR1A-04, Black Solid: FD-C-TOR1A-05, Black TG Dark: FD-C-TOR1A-06, White RGB TG Clear: FD-C-TOR1A-07
  • Warranty
    2 Years