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    For The People

    Balancing Purpose & Profit

    We Are Australia’s First B Corp Certified Footwear Label!

    We did it. B Corps are businesses that stand by the highest social and environmental standards for people and the planet. Values we live by, and we now have the stamp to prove it.

    Managed by B Lab, a non-profit organisation that advocates using business as a force of good. B Corps don’t only measure success in financial terms, but through social and environmental impact, too.

    From supporting our partners, The Hunger Project to help end world hunger to updating our governing documents to reflect a Triple Bottom Line business, balancing people, planet and profit, our journey has just begun. We're on track to always question our processes and support our community.

    Find out more
    Family Run Factory

    Ethical Manufacturing

    It’s important to us that we’re close with our factories, and just like our Melbourne stores, the focus is quality, sustainability and our team.

    Our primary factory is a family-owned and run business, located in Dongguan, China. We've been working with Mr Deng and Mrs Qiang for the past ten years and have a wonderful relationship with them. A team of 97 craftsmen create our shoes, and we ensure the highest safety and employment standards are met and exceeded.

    As our journey continues to create great-looking shoes that are kinder to our planet, we have expanded our manufacturing to factories in Brazil and Portugal. These new factories have allowed us to start producing footbeds made from sugarcane. We are excited about using this renewable resource and reducing our use of petroleum based materials.

    Each factory is third-party audited to measure working conditions, social compliance and adhere to the Fair Labour Association Code of Conduct. We hold our factories to a high-level environmental standard, too. We understand changes can often be hard and expensive, so we actively work alongside the team to provide any support they need to facilitate changes in this area.

    The Hunger Project

    The Hunger Project

    In 2019, we began our ongoing partnership with The Hunger Project (THP), committing to the global UN movement to end world hunger.

    To kick start our journey, for the month of June 2019 a portion of every full-priced shoe sold was donated to THP. After a busy month, $40,000 was donated to the people of Adonkwanta Epicentre in Ghana, a community on the cusp of achieving self-reliance.

    Since then, we have raised $60,000 to help re-capitalise the farming inputs loan program of the Nsondole Epicentre in Malawi.

    In 2020, the ‘Hornbill THP’ sneaker was born! $50 for every sneaker sold is donated to empowering the communities of Malawi to sustainably end their own hunger.

    Available in three colourways, we are blown away by the response of the Hornbill THP!

    To date, we have donated over $448,000 (and counting!).

    Shop The Hunger Project Range

    “I love the new Bared x THP sneakers and the ripple effect you and your customers are creating for people to transform their lives and sustainably end hunger and poverty. With Bared's incredible contribution we will enable 23,348 people in the community of Nsondole, Malawi to reach self-reliance - an incredible milestone marking their perseverance and determination to shape their own future.

    We're really excited to see the possibilities our partnership will create for so many people, and we're so grateful that #baredcares!” says Melanie Noden, CEO, The Hunger Project Australia.

    About The Hunger Project

    An approach with a difference, The Hunger Project view people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. Empowering rural communities to break the poverty cycle themselves, THP provides education, micro-finance, agriculture and healthcare to build resilience and enable them to combat famine or other emergencies as they arise.

    Children's Ground

    Children's Ground

    Brad Turner x Children’s Ground

    In September 2022, we teamed up with Aboriginal contemporary artist, Brad Turner to create the 'Hornbill 2 Brad Turner' sneaker!

    A limited-edition style showcasing the artist's iconic pastel-coloured artwork, offset by white leather panelling and earthy tones and designed to give back to communities surrounding Alice Springs, Darwin and West Arnhem Land.

    $50 for every sneaker sold will be donated to empowering our First Nations children and families by helping them live free from economic poverty and inequality.

    Learn more

    Lakkari Pitt X Children’s Ground

    In June 2021, we teamed up with Aboriginal contemporary artist, Lakkari Pitt to create the 'Hornbill Lakkari' sneaker!

    A limited-edition style showcasing the artist's pastel-coloured artwork and designed to give back to communities surrounding Alice Springs, Darwin and West Arnhem Land.

    $50 for every sneaker sold will be donated to empowering our First Nations children and families by helping them live free from economic poverty and inequality.

    Read More

    Meet Lakkari Pitt:

    As a proud Gamilaroi Ularoi/Yuwaalaraay woman, Lakkari Pitt’s art is a take on the knowledge that her Elders passed down through generations, exploring the movement, essence and stories of Country.

    "This artwork is a part of a series titled 'Gunagala' meaning sky in Gamilaroi language. Gunagala reflects the colours seen in the sky from sunrise to sunset."

    After receiving an incredible response from our Hornbill Lakkari, the limited-edition sneaker sold out in just two weeks and we donated a total $15,000 to Children’s Ground.

    Read More

    Christinaray Weetra x Children's Ground

    In July 2020, we teamed up with Indigenous contemporary artist, Christinaray Weetra, an inspiring young woman of the Warumungu and Arrernte tribes, who despite facing her own adversities is dedicated to giving back to those in need.

    Together, we created the ‘Noddy Weetra Dot’ sneaker, an iconic high-top style showcasing the artist’s bold-coloured artwork. For every sneaker sold, $50 will be donated to Children’s Ground, an organisation committed to empowering First Nations children and families.

    In the spirit of community, we sold the original commissioned artwork for $3,625, matched the final price and donated all proceeds to Children’s Ground.

    After receiving an incredible response from our Noddy Weetra Dot, the limited-edition sneakers sold out in a matter of months and we donated a total $37,250 to Children’s Ground.

    The sell-out style was so heavily requested we couldn’t help but bring them back and continue to support Children’s Ground.

    Shop Noddy Weetra Dot sneakers >

    About Children’s Ground

    An organisation dedicated to creating an empowered future for the next generation of Aboriginal children, the Children’s Ground 25-year approach builds on the social, cultural and economic capital of each community they work in. Guided by local Elders in areas surrounding Alice Springs, Darwin and West Arnhem Land, Children’s Ground’s learning and wellbeing platform is the first of its kind in Australia, focusing on areas fundamental to life-long wellbeing to create places of safety and inclusion for a better future.

    Since 2019, we've donated $92,204 (and counting!) to Children's Ground. Join us to empower our First Nations peoples, and help support this incredible cause. Donate what you can – every little bit counts.


    Disaster Relief

    A disaster that shook the entire world, Australia’s 2020 bushfires burnt an estimated 16.9 million hectares, destroying over 3,344 homes. Like all Australians, we felt completely helpless watching our amazing country burn.

    To show our support, we donated $15,000 to the Salvation Army Disaster Relief.

    In 2022, our hearts went out to those affected by the NSW & QLD floods. The damage left families with nothing, destroying their homes and leaving them with only the clothes on their backs.

    We donated $10,000 to Red Cross Australia to support the amazing work they do on the ground.

    Modern Slavery

    Living Wages

    We believe that every worker has the right to earn a living wage. A living wage is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs. This may seem standard and you would assume all decent businesses would sufficiently pay the people that make their products. Though in the Annual Baptist World Aid’s 2022 Ethical Fashion Report, it is stated that just 10% of fashion brands pay their factory a living wage.

    What Is A Living Wage?

    It is important to understand the difference between a minimum wage and a living wage. A minimum wage is set by the government, and it is the lowest remuneration employers can legally pay their employees. A living wage as defined by the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) is:

    “The remuneration received for a standard workweek by a worker in a particular place sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. Elements of a decent standard of living include food, water, housing, education, health care, transportation, clothing and other essential needs, including provision for unexpected events.”

    In many parts of the world, the minimum wage remains well under a living wage.

    Where We Are

    We believe every worker has the right to fair compensation and a living wage. Currently, 97% of our Tier 1 factory workers (the actual people who construct our shoes!) are paid a living wage and 100% are paid above the legal minimum wage.

    Where We Are Heading

    We are committed to supporting the implementation of living wages to drive industry change. By the end of 2024, we aim to have all our Tier 1 workers paid a living wage. We are also working down our supply chain and will continue to audit and work with all of our suppliers until all workers in every tier of our production cycle are paid a living wage.

    Reconciliation Action Plan

    We are committed to listening and learning from First Nations peoples to support reconciliation in Australia. Since 2019, we have partnered with First Nations organisation, Children’s Ground and it is time for us to do more.

    We are excited to launch our own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), joining a network of over 2,400 organisations in taking meaningful action to advance reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

    Developed in collaboration with the leading reconciliation body, Reconciliation Australia, our RAP sets out our goals for the next 18 months based on the core pillars of Relationships, Respect, Opportunities, and Governance.

    Featured throughout our RAP, you’ll find the beautiful artwork “Nungalgiri Gwong Gubunga” created by Bundjalung artist Brad Turner, which was showcased on our Hornbill 2 sneakers in 2022.

    Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share our reconciliation achievements throughout the year.

    View Reconciliation Action Plan

    Helping Hands

    On a mission to make a difference, we’re working towards a better future. Join us on our journey to make an impact, and change the lives of those that need a helping hand. #baredcares

    Bared Footwear acknowledges and honours First Nations peoples throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future as custodians of this land.

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    We acknowledge and honour First Nations peoples throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future as custodians of this land.

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